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Tiles Rohini

By Arbaysis Ashley

Tiles have come a long way from the good old times and now have created a niche in interiors . With markets opening up to international brands we have seen a wide range of finishes and formats available in tiles. They are no longer a cheaper replacement but are an element of style statement and are creeping in from just the bathroom to the rest of the apartment and even climbing up the walls as décor tiles. Its no surprise to find tiles in price ranges even way higher than the much coveted marble.

The most preferred essence of tiles is the easy to maintain appeal n comparison to stones and marbles , this coupled with the vast range of finishes and styles is making Tiles a substitute for materials like marble and stone in contemporary interiors So when you go tile shopping some of the key aspects to look for are full body vitrified tiles and corrected edges .

A full body vitrified implies its monolithic in structure its not just a glazing at the surface of the tile which ensures better strength and durability. Corrected edges assures a joint less spread. Apart from vitrified being the most commonly preferred structure tiles are also made up off glass, metals like steel ,copper and 24 carat gold and are generally used as a décor tile.

Glass tiles are mostly found in a mosaic format and are in offer from brands like Sicis, Palladio . Glass mosaics offer an astounding gamut of exploration in designs its almost like "you think it and they got it".

In vitrified tiles one can explore different finishes like mirror finished polish, semi polished or even bush finished for a natural stone appeal a brand called architect series offers these finishes.

Apart from the ready tiles a personal favourite of our firm are customization of tiles as per your design which brings in that " one a of a piece" value to a project . Sameer Ceramics deliver a wide gamut of exploration in customization using a variety of technology.

Depending on the flavour a tile plays a major role in building up the character of the place. A tile can lend various flavors contemporary, rustic or classical. Tiles covers a large canvas . Décor tiles add in an accent to the space they are a replacement to finishes like leather and wall papers .

Décor tiles could either carry a design or even be plain with a subtle finish to it to bring in a modern context . For a a very minimal look spread a single tile through out the space and you could even wrap up the same tile on to the wall.

Choosing the size of the tile is also very important to achieve a particular look and feel to bring in detailing break down your tile size , for a rustic natural feel lay the tile with a joint spacer for a simplistic minimal detail lay it joint free .

In case of laying the tile with joints use and epoxy grout . The advantage of a full body vitrified tile is that it can be moulded thus you can even use larger slabs for steps and window cills.