Stone Article

By Arbaysis Ashley

Since ancient civilization to contemporary times the use of stone has been celebrated by designers. It has been displayed in varied ways from a bold expression in the Pyramids of Egypt to elegant detailing in Indian temples and palaces. It is available in a varied range of colors, surface textures sizes, and luster. It is because of this diversity coupled with its strength and longevity that has been extensively in interiors, architecture and landscaping.

Depending on the design style you can select the stone for a natural, contemporary chic look or you could opt for polished mint, kota, Shahabad, jaisalmer, eta gold, dessert stone, even slates, or imported limestones. If you are up for an earthy rustic look used unpolished shahabad, kota, granite, slates, multicoured bhura, dholpur and many more. Marbles add a rich and elegant feel to the space. Semiprecious stones like lapif, tiger eye, malachite, add a touch of exclusivity.

A stone can look stunningly different when treated with different techniques like flaming, sand blasting, acid wash, river wash, chiseling, hammering, you could even get a haveli look by tumbling selective stone. If the stone is carved or molded you can achieve some exemplary classical, or Indian detailing. Even contemporary pattern, textures can be achieved in stone for wall claddings

We have used stone in varied applications in some of our projects. In a duplex apartment primarily designed in wood, stone can be used to add accents of interest and texture. Explaining the design, the table top in the living room can be enhanced using grey granite finished by flaming technique. A graphical flower or design can be water jet cut, and inlayed into lighter grey granite. The walls on the terrace can be clad in slabs of yellow mint stone dressed with chisel finish, which will make the light bouncing of its texture look magical in the evenings. The light colour of mint would compliment the rich deeper tones of wood in the free standing, seating, windows and flooring.

For a row house the staircase can be completely done in brown kota with a wooden railing. On the same project an interesting combination of tiles and French limestone can be displayed. The canvas of tiles combined with the free standing wall and built in bathtub can be clad in 6"x6" French limestone, which would form the highlights in the bathroom. All in all French limestone gives a very subtle contemporary look to the entire canvas.

For an Apartment, you could achieve a very natural and a rustic look using stone. Here unpolished brown kota can been used in various sizes and finishes. The walls in the dry area can be clad with rough brown kota, where each piece of stone can be set randomly so that the wall looks totally different in detail and builds up character. The wash basin counter can be made up of slabs of brown kota, that has been polished, since the polished surface would stand out against the rough natural texture of the stone. A wooden bowl and a free standing ladder would certainly add a touch of richness to this rustic bathroom. The back wall of the shower cubicle can be hammer finished and laid in slab form. A polished, under lit bench could form a seat to enjoy the steam facility.

You can also style a bathroom in a richer flavour by carefully detailing it in stone. A bathroom can be done in semi polished eta gold, where the edges of the stone pieces can been tumbled. The same stone slab can be lazor cut into 4"x4" and 1"x1" mosaic pattern and laid on a net. This combination of sizes adds detailing in a very subtle manner. A wash basin which has been carved out of a single block of the same stone can be used to compliment the slab. The stone counter edges can be moulded and dressed with a border custom designed in etagold mosaics. when using stones in bathrooms the ideal approach would be to coat it with a sealer to make non impervious and maintenance free, the look of stone remains untouched and natural. Similarly to deepen the colour of stone, a colour enhancer coat can be used.

Stone is an ideal material to be used in weekend homes, here it can even be used to construct walls in different stones which can build up some very interesting textures. Laterite, malad stone, basalt, are some which can be used to build walls. You can clad the walls in different masonaries. In a bungalow project spread over an acre in alibag, the entire flooring is done in shahbad, which looks beautiful earthy in its warm tones.

The interesting thing about stones is that it has natural variations which make the it look live. The courtyards have rough shahabad which make the areas non slippery and add a rustic texture to the pockets of lawn.

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