Project name
Bespoke duplex apartment

Apartment interior design

Omkar 1973, luxury residence, Mumbai

A five bedroom duplex apartment

Concept Note
This expansive residence sprawls out over two levels, with large terraces attached to each space. The apartment interior design conveys a sense of luxury and elegant opulence, which reflect the owners’ lifestyle. As residential interior designers on this large family residence, we used thoughtful and customized designs to enhance the unique identity of each member. Arresting pieces of design make this apartment a showstopper when it comes to family residences.

The prayer room is separated from the living area by a library unit with voids, to maintain a sense of continuity. Tinted floor-to-ceiling mirror panelling in the living room accentuates the décor console and art frame and adds volume to the space. The large terraces, with varied pockets of seating spread over a wooden deck are designed to allow lounging, with a small plunge pool just for fun.

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