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  • The exterior flaunts a play of steep sloping Mangalore-tiled timbered roofs that come together to tell the story of this multifaceted structure. Observe the concrete vertical fins that protect the house from curious eyes.

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  • A glamorous view after sunset. Step out on to the balconies of any room and you are treated to a spectacular scene of the lush greenery outside.

  • Wide open spaces and a view to die for, The Ashle ys designs a wee kend home in Al ibaug that re vel s in the song of the bree ze and the soothing warmth of nature.
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  • The open courtyard, with its frangipani tree, instantly embraces you with the warmth and magic. Worked upon with a trowel for a hand-finished look, the rebellious bubblegum-pink wall is eye-catching.

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  • This warm-toned living room looks and feels lived in, instantly beckoning one and all. Its rattan furniture has been sourced from Bali.

  • text: Namrata Gogoi | photographs: Sebastian Zachariah Courtesy The Ashleys
    The exterior flaunts a play of steep sloping mangalore-tiled timbered roofs that come together to tell the story of this multifaceted structure. Observe the concrete vertical fins that protect the house from curious eyes.
  • The dining room, with a simple and natural wood table, gets it punch line from the picture window with a priceless view.

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  • The sun-kissed deck (attached to the living and dining rooms) swells with the joy of life when the gentle breeze wafts in.

  • sublime project, I envied the proud owners. Here, doors reveal unparalleled beauty, light spreads its wings, the house gets a lungful of fresh air when the soothing breeze of the supari trees wafts inside. The plan of the space is invigoratingly open and various balconies, verandahs, courtyards and decks connect rooms to the lush landscape outside. So, it was a surprise when architects Arbaysis and Pooja Ashley mentioned that this piece of land was absolutely barren before the structure was erected. That is to say, it was quite a task to make the site look like what it is today.
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  • Revelling primarily in citrus hues, the gazebo is the perfect place to meditate, catch up with friends or read a book.

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  • The daughter's bedroom, with soothing hues, makes a statement with the hand-carved, four-poster Indonesian timber bed.

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    “When Jaywardhan Diwan, the client, approached us to design a four-bedroom weekend getaway on a one-acre property, his only brief was an earthy escape away from the hullabaloo of the city life and within a modest budget,” states Arbaysis. Within these parameters, the architect duo received plenty of aesthetic freedom. “In fact, the owner had an extremely busy schedule and was on the move most of the time. So, Suparna, a good friend of his represented him throughout,” shares Arbaysis. “Also, as she comes from a design background, the decisions were made much faster.” The architects decided to tackle the lack of vegetation simultaneously along with getting the building up. “We couldn’t plant trees till the construction was done, since there would be lots of dust and workers running around. So, we planned the house in such a way that it would leave ample space for greenery,” elaborates Pooja. For instance, the supari tree now grows steadily towards (Clockwise, from top)
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  • The layout of the ground floor of the 6,500-squarefoot house.

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  • The guest room’s character is a result of its blue furnishings and the yellow wall that are vibrant without going overboard.

  • concept: This sublime weekend getaway has been conceived as a series of spaces revolving around open pockets such as verandahs, decks and courtyards. the sky from the deliberately punctured tiled roof of the kitchen. The response to the earthy request was realized in the subdued beauty of the concrete driveway and the steep thrust of asymmetrical mangalore-tiled timbered roofs. An architectural beauty, the former is a composition of vertical concrete fins that look rooted to the earth, not giving away much of what lies beyond. Things are deceptively simple and low-key till you step in the open-to-sky courtyard. Here, the bubblegum-pink wall and the flourishing frangipani make a fetching sight. The polished shahabad stone flooring runs along the 20-foot-high living room that has a sense of lived-in warmth with rattan furniture from Bali and soothing furnishings. In similar vein, is the warm-toned dining space that gazes out onto the lush vegetation outside through the large picture windows. Holding the composition together is the deck that comes to life with

    Flooring Polished shahabad stone. Roof Mangalore-tiled timber construction. Artefacts Good Earth, The Shop, Kelebec, Paraphernalia, Kia, Bloom Field and Grisham. Furnishings Good Earth and The Shop. Art Gallery Beyond. Furniture Sourced from Bali. Gazebo Tropical Paradise.
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  • Running along the length of the corridor, the green patch with an intricately-detailed wooden swing is ideal for a moment of contemplation.

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  • The spacious master bathroom is detailed with large wooden mirrors made on site and quaint-looking lamps. The counter-top is crafted out of Italian marble.




    a low day-bed and deliciouslyhued cushions for outdoor lounging. Then there is the gazebo with a high-thatched roof, where citrus-hued green seating options complement the warmth of the solid wood platform. The integration of the outdoors with the interiors is the paramount of the design. This led to an interesting topographic alteration. “The master bedroom is replete with an open-air deck that offers stunning views of the outside. But to emphasize the fluidity of space, we created this artificial 14-foot-high mound on a section of the absolutely flat land. So like all the other spaces, this feature connects the only room on the upper level to the lawn,” state the duo. At dusk, brightly-lit torchieres running across its length bring this elevation to life — like a freeway between the lawn and the master bedroom. The latter, with its polished shahabad stone flooring and white furnishings, has a striking grandeur where the sense of luxury originates from the views outside and a deck. The quaint-looking master bathroom gets its share of openness with a private terrace that looks onto the sumptuous backyard.

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  • The stately, high-ceilinged master bedroom (with polished Shahabad stone flooring) has a four-poster bed swaddled in sheers.

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  • The cantilevered staircase, leading to the master bedroom and the attached deck, is highlighted with the natural lighting filtering in through the large expanses of the fenestration.




    fact file: Client Jaywardhan Diwan. Location Nagaon beach, Alibaug. Principal architects Arbaysis and Pooja Ashley.

    Architect Firm

    The Ashleys. Area 6,500 sq ft (with courtyards). Stylist Divya Kapoor. Duration of project 18 months.

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  • The highlight of the master bedroom is its open-air deck. Tiki torches create a dreamy, romantic mood for an alfresco meal.

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  • This house takes full advantage of the surrounding views. The Ashleys have gone a step ahead by adding a staircase (to the guest and daughter’s spaces) to grant direct access to the backyard. On days when you want to escape from the rest of the world, this is a great way to have your own ‘little’ haven replete with a verandah, within an otherwise large house.

  • When it comes to the lower level, all rooms are “spaces within a larger space,” explains the design duo. A short flight of steps links the sprawling lawns to the daughter’s and the guest rooms. The exquisiteness of these areas lies in the rejection of apparent opulence that is evident in every piece of furniture and accessory. Putty over a plaster finish renders the walls with a subtle texture, instead of the conventional POP option. The pink, green and blue of the furnishings don’t overwhelm, rather they draw you in. “The private spaces were done up in accordance to the individual taste, in terms of colours, etc,” Arbaysis informs. Words and pictures do little justice to this beautiful weekend home. It is as alive as the ground beneath it and the nearby sea, and where luxury means enjoying the changing moods of the day — together or in solitude. This piece of earth definitely seems like an island that has floated away from the chaos of a city life. (Clockwise, from left)
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  • Observe the artificial mound that rises up to 14 feet, all the way into the master bedroom. This has changed the topography of an absolutely flat site. It has also connected the bedroom to the lawn, which otherwise wouldn’t have direct access to the landscape like the rest of the spaces in the house.

  • You don’t judge a book by its cover. But most of us do and would gravitate towards a book that has an aesthetically appealing cover. Note, how the driveway of this house is captivating in its raw beauty — earth and concrete deeply connect with each other. This architectural beauty is a not just a prelude to all the great work that lies beyond it, but also is an effective way to protect the sanctuary from curious eyes.



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