As hospitality designers, The Ashleys’ signature style places statement décor elements against a minimalist background, creating drama and an eye-catching contrast. When it comes to partnering with the property owners, The Ashleys believe in adding value to the space, to make design a more productive and profitable marketing tool, rather than merely a capital investment.

As restaurant interior designers, The Ashleys have conceptualised designs for some of the most exciting cafés and fine dine restaurants. Creating the right ‘vibe’ is important, and hospitality designers contribute by planning the perfect décor and flow of movement. With a unified theme and intelligent minimal design, the guests receive all the sophistication of a global hospitality service.

The Ashleys have conceptualised young and vibrant cafes, stylish business hotels, and quirky budget hostels. Their inventiveness comes from their combined experience, their international travel, and their position as young leaders of the design world.

A recent project for a fine dine restaurant is something particularly close to their hearts. In a world where a fine dine theme usually means extravagance and ornamentation, The Ashleys went against the flow. They visualized a space with clean lines, stark contrasts and muted colours. The element of luxury was introduced through a rich sensory experience by using the finest materials, and textures. The irresistibly welcoming appeal was enhanced through intimate lighting and gilded pieces that add a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

The Ashleys have created designs for some of the biggest brands in India. Their concepts range across the spectrum, from practical budget hotels to opulent business hotels. With their signature flair and extensive interior design experience, Pooja and Arbaysis will add value and creative insight as hotel interior designers for any project.

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