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  • The deep recesses of the apartment within are amplified with the textural and tonal effects achieved through the use of various materials and employing natural and artificial lightning to advantage.

  • The pristine white decor gives the room a

    stylish and dynamic appearance

    , kept untarnished by any addition of colour.

  • The 2000 sq ft apartment is spread over two levels, on the lower level is a 1000 sq ft terrace. The Design thought that went into it is detailed and thorough. Say the designers, “The aim was to give the apartment a very simple, stylized, elite feel”. Each space and element has been carefully designed and detailed to have an exquisite essence of its own. The straight lined form of the furniture is the unifying vocabulary in this apartment. The use of solid wood gives the space an elite, classy, feel and brings a lot of warmth to house.

    As underlined in the introduction to this lovely outcome of designers The Ashleys, it is interesting to note here that wherever applicable Indian motifs and crafts are intrinsically woven into the design and decor almost like a natural progression rather than an add-on.

    Pooja and Arbaysis Ashley have envisaged their firm as an ever expanding multitude of specialist coming together and unanimously working together along the expertise of its principal architects. They describe their design philosophy as follows –

    Life would be monotonous if we live it like a regiment so we recreate our rules every time and redefine our style with every project. Our spirits are boundless so that we can mould ours3elves inti any style as comfortably as ever. Whether the client brief flavours classical, contemporary or modern lines The Ashleys deliver with élan and elegance.....
  • A seamless blend of the indoors with the outdoors has been achieved through careful manicuring of the green environs and the browning of the built environs.

  • The patio seating contraption reflects the verticals and horizontals of the superstructure and the staircase members within.

  • The basic Floor pan layout is as follows –
    The doorway camouflaged in an entrance portal on the 15th floor leads on to the passage along which are situated the guest bedroom to the left, the guest toilet and the kitchen to the left.

    The passage leads on to the living and the dining spaces which look on to the terrace. A wooden staircase leads on to an entrance lobby on the 16th floor. The lobby gives access to a spacious master-bedroom, son’s bedroom and a den. The entry to the den is through a frameless clear glass portal. The master bedroom is attached to a walk in closet, behind which is the bathroom with a Jacuzzi set in a wooden platform, The master bedroom and walk in closet overlook the terrace.

    Proceeding to the design details as outlined by the designers themselves –

    At the entrance itself, “The main door and the wall besides it have been clad in circular scooped textured wood, when shut the door is totally camouflaged and the only emphasis is the rectangular steel light against the scooped panel. The light extends to form the handle of the door.

    Further down,”As one walks in, the passage looks on to the guest bedroom through a frameless, fixed, clear glass provided with a roman blind for privacy, when rolled up. The visual access from the passage to the low bed with its series of shelves for accessories widens up the passage and makes the walk more interesting.

    Even the head board has been designed to grow into one of the shelves. The entire set up is very contemporary; the large floral patterns on the bed cover add a sense of graphic to this minimal styled bed.”
  • White on white is the best way to design the serene setting.

  • The space for the Home theatre has been achived to maximum advantage using the spacious area available.

  • The Public zones have been similarly well thought through and detailed. Of the living and the dining areas the designers say, “ The living and the dining spaces are accessed to the terrace by a 8’ long, teak wood framed clear glass sliding door which when shuts acts like a picture window. The white pure leather cushion of the sofa sits into a wooden c – shape walnut polished cup. The overall look is minimal and very chic. The graphical flower on the centre table has been water jet cut out of light and dark grey granite, sand blasted and then polished. The design sets out against the minimal styled pure white leather sofa and the wooden flooring.”

    Additionally, unusual detailing draws the eye at many instances, like the rectangular floating wall which has been clad using 20,000 sliced wine bottle corks, adding an interesting texture and detailing to the living space.

    The stunning dining table too has been set up with its bold proportions and novel sense of detailing, filling out the space to the left of the living. The squares carved ito wooden back at varied levels, lends a contemporary texture to the straight back of the chairs. From the chairs the eye moves to the wooden top of the dining table which has alternate wooden engraved circles and oxidized brass hand cut circles inlayed into.

    A simple wooden plank has been transformed

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