By Arbaysis Ashley

Curtains play a very important role in styling of any space. It makes the last 10% of the decor but is very important in building the décor of the place specially when you have large openings. Curtains definitely play a very important role in building up the character of the place. A plain curtain in whites, beige or grey gives a very contemporary and neutral look to a space . Plain curtains in bold colours make the room look bright and young, contrast prints such as those of flowers also brighten up the room . Curtains with motifs would help to build up a flavor of fussion. The size of the print can be large in case you want to make a bold style statement. The delicate floral pattern would add a feminine touch to a place. If you want the feel of subtle elegance then choose smaller prints that mesh with the fabric. You could even go for designs that are woven into the cloth as compared to simple printing, as these have a longer life
Its very important that while selecting the curtains you look at overall design scheme and not just the curtains in isolation .It needs to be finely woven with the flavor of the space, the flooring , the wall paper and the rest of the furnishing . You need to carefully understand the decor of the place and decide the curtains or it would get very difficult to select from the wide range available.

Existing wall paper and paint finishes should be synergized when choosing a fabric, as a patterned wall paper would clash with patterned curtains. Yet a particular colour well chosen from a patterned wall paper may make for a great match with plain curtains of that same colour. Conversely, by choosing a curtain pattern with a particular colour that matches a plain painted wall will enrich the look of the curtains Similarly a heavily patterned curtains seem will make the room look smaller. A small room with richly coloured curtains and accessories will feel even smaller. Large curtains can hold a busy pattern better than smaller ones.

Curtains can be bought with different finishes , a silk effect or satin finish can give a slight feeling of luxury to a room.

There are many types of curtains and drapes. They come in different kinds of fabric, sizes and styles. The most common styles are tabbed, pole pocket, grommet, pinch-pleat, American pleats and the roman blinds.

Roman blinds have a larger and bolder pleat. When raised, the pleats lie behind each other giving a very distinctive look. They are flat and don’t hang on either side they give a very contemporary look to the place.

Tabbed curtains have "tabs" on the top. They are usually rectangular shaped and hang on the rod. rings or clips are not needed.

Another easy curtain to hang is pole pocket curtains. The rod goes through the "pole pocket."

Grommets are usually round, metal wood or plastic rings that are sewn into the drapes. The drapery rod is threaded through the grommets. They provide a very clean look.

The pleated curtains have pleats along the top of the curtains. They gather nicely along the rod. Rings with eyelets can be sewn directly to the pleats on the back of the fabric or attach to pincer clips which "pinch" onto the fabric. Another option is to use clips that are sewn or otherwise attached to the back of the pleats and go through the ring eyelets.